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As we know that the globalizing transforming have 4 model which is multinational, global international and transnational to managing their business used the system and have a capabilities to survive their market through a cross board. We can differentiate 4 model established according to technological architecture system used by certain company.
The simple way to more clear about that topic when Dr. Nur taught at the class which look at the function of pen drive. Every student has at least one pen drive as tools to storage their data. It similar with the technological architecture system used but we can differentiate based on the sizes of capacity. Three type technological architecture system commonly found in HRIS is Standalone System Model, Data Warehouse Model
And Single Integrated System Model
·       Standalone System Model
This system indicated that company does not standardized or integrated system for running their operation in over the worlds. Usually, there used a global data house where it is basic and being to extract a data. Example, company have practiced this system will facing with the problem such as difficult to analyse data and it also suitable with the company apply a multinational model.
·       Data Warehouse Model
Besides that, this system were improved which operation their business in the world wide had be standardized and used a same software such as oracle, SPP and others instead of the region or countries.  There have several advantages of that system which is all units run the same version of the software, maximizing resources and saving costs through commonality.
·       Single Integrated System Model
This more advances where every region can connected each other and aligning with the updating of the software. There was centralized and standardized where to minimized need of the local.

Thus, the big company should concern with the technological architecture to choosing which one is appropriated to adapt with their environment of works.

Karen Beaman and Alfred J Walker, October 2000, Globalizing HRIS:The new Transnational Model

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