Jumaat, 14 Oktober 2011


Human Resources Information System defined the combination of human function and technology which is the application enable to make the managerial became more effective and systematic. Thus, the application enables facilitate the function of HR and make up to date about the information on develops the company to achieve goals.
Besides that, information technology important to built a business strategy to maintain in the markets and competes force although have a rivalry or new entrance products or services competitor. The organization may use the information to address the advantage of competitor and find out the way to make new strategy. Example, company should promote their products or services through the blogs or social networking such as Facebook and Twitter. These have large users and most visited where the information very faster to people concerned about it.
Next, globalising make the business have easy to enter the certain country. The regulation and policies of the countries make a business turn to challenging includes the internal resources and obstacle to move forward. However, company should have a appropriate model to adapt with their culture as responsiveness through local differentiation or global integration. Each of the strategy need model have a strength and weakness that company must decided which is a model is appropriated with the local branches either using the multi-national, global or international. Transnational model is the combination of these and add value to ensured be a systematic and effective.

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