Rabu, 21 Disember 2011

            As a conclusion, the blog that was I created able to help me more understand about the HRIS subject. Besides that, it is useful to me for do a revision and find add on more information to summarize in the blog. A good lecturer also gives advantages to me because she always gives example from an abroad. However, their information make me knew about the differences of culture. It will open my mind to think move forward and out of the boxes.
            In the technology architecture system, single integrated system is more effective rather than others. There have data based will linkage to the operating systems. However, it also can obtain a data quickly and reduced time on the searching. The rapid of the technologies make the company creating a new system to facilitate their dailies business.  We found that company will start to organizing learning program through the web systems because their function can obtain the information as well as the requirement to improve their KSA of employees. There merged the foundation of training management with the web based technologies where to created a new system in education development.
Lastly, the web based technologies affected to the induction program at workplace. Some company was substitute the structure of induction from a ceremony to using a system. There have benefits such as reducing time and cost. Previously, company should conduct an induction program for new employees and taken 1 week or more. It similar with my situation that when first day I came at this university. Every student compulsory to attending an induction program that organized by the colleges. So, what do you think if the university changed their policies to conduct induction session through a system? In my opinions, this is not effective because it cannot persuade them. Furthermore, I wishing that able to creating new software and advanced in technologies. It will give advantaged and add value to compete in the future markets.

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