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            As a conclusion, the blog that was I created able to help me more understand about the HRIS subject. Besides that, it is useful to me for do a revision and find add on more information to summarize in the blog. A good lecturer also gives advantages to me because she always gives example from an abroad. However, their information make me knew about the differences of culture. It will open my mind to think move forward and out of the boxes.
            In the technology architecture system, single integrated system is more effective rather than others. There have data based will linkage to the operating systems. However, it also can obtain a data quickly and reduced time on the searching. The rapid of the technologies make the company creating a new system to facilitate their dailies business.  We found that company will start to organizing learning program through the web systems because their function can obtain the information as well as the requirement to improve their KSA of employees. There merged the foundation of training management with the web based technologies where to created a new system in education development.
Lastly, the web based technologies affected to the induction program at workplace. Some company was substitute the structure of induction from a ceremony to using a system. There have benefits such as reducing time and cost. Previously, company should conduct an induction program for new employees and taken 1 week or more. It similar with my situation that when first day I came at this university. Every student compulsory to attending an induction program that organized by the colleges. So, what do you think if the university changed their policies to conduct induction session through a system? In my opinions, this is not effective because it cannot persuade them. Furthermore, I wishing that able to creating new software and advanced in technologies. It will give advantaged and add value to compete in the future markets.
Introduction to Online Induction System

I would like to choose induction system for next post of my own blogs. This chapter are very unique and interesting to study because the conventionally induction was changed in term of the rapid of technologies. Normally, the induction session related to new employees where to ensure they will expose with the company policies, colleagues and top management and job description of their positions. Besides that, it also to make that employee must adapt with the norm or environment in the organizations. These will supported by Elena and Wolf (2010) that extends the action of introducing a new employee to the organization with the process of imparting the norms on how to behave in a way that is acceptable to the social group one becomes part of.
            Other than that, we have discussed about the advantages and disadvantages implement this system within the organizations. Maybe, I preferred to use the conventional induction because there are norm in my cultured. Example, new employees will be introduced with the colleagues and top management through a reality and face to face. There would break of ice in the organizations and creating a closed relationship among them. During the class, I was cheat chat with my friends about the effectiveness of these systems. I not was denying that it able to reduces the cost and save a time to conduct this sessions meanwhile to derive a person to increase a self-initiatives to learn.
            The class have been finished early, and then Dr. Nur was given some quizzes to test us. My mind at the afternoon seems unable to think and instead she also allowed us to using books to finding the answers. The attractive slides in this chapter give me inspiration to do my assignment which is designing medical health system. Thus, I really enjoyed attended that class.

Elena  And Wolf (2010),Staff Induction Practices And Organizational Socialization A Review And Extension Of The Debatesociety And Business Review Vol. 5 No. 1, 2010Pp. 22-47 
Employee Learning and Development

Next, I would like to share with you about the topic of employee learning and development (ELD) systems. ELD system is important to employee and organization where both parties have a mission to derive toward achieving their target. Learning is the systematic process which provide an opportunity to learn KSA’s for current and future job.(Blanchard & Thacker) During a class beginning, Dr Nur was asked me question that why the ELD systems is important? I had taken much time to think that answer. Perhaps, I am seat at the back and not heard the question very well. Then, she seems disappointed because I answered that question very late.

Besides that, the ELD system have built up in a certain organization that to enhance KSA’s in the current jobs and to improved their employee performances. The company should diagnose their problem of employees that why their employee shown a low performance or cannot accomplished the task at on the times. Based on this system, it facilitated task of HR because the procedure to organize a training program able be conduct through online.

·       Identify employee information

Web based online &
ELD system
             and their performances .
·       Select courses




·       Transfer of training
·       Evaluate

Diagram at above indicated the foundation of training management used ELD systems.
            Based on the diagram, we can see function of ELD system on the procedure to conduct a training program. It required systems and internet to find information until to the evaluation process. This approach bring the changes in the organization and become a systematically.
After Dr Nur finish explained about this topic, she had given us 2 case studies. The case study used in the class to make an exercise and exposes to workshop Harvard Business Case Studies: Transformational of Otis.

As we know that the globalizing transforming have 4 model which is multinational, global international and transnational to managing their business used the system and have a capabilities to survive their market through a cross board. We can differentiate 4 model established according to technological architecture system used by certain company.
The simple way to more clear about that topic when Dr. Nur taught at the class which look at the function of pen drive. Every student has at least one pen drive as tools to storage their data. It similar with the technological architecture system used but we can differentiate based on the sizes of capacity. Three type technological architecture system commonly found in HRIS is Standalone System Model, Data Warehouse Model
And Single Integrated System Model
·       Standalone System Model
This system indicated that company does not standardized or integrated system for running their operation in over the worlds. Usually, there used a global data house where it is basic and being to extract a data. Example, company have practiced this system will facing with the problem such as difficult to analyse data and it also suitable with the company apply a multinational model.
·       Data Warehouse Model
Besides that, this system were improved which operation their business in the world wide had be standardized and used a same software such as oracle, SPP and others instead of the region or countries.  There have several advantages of that system which is all units run the same version of the software, maximizing resources and saving costs through commonality.
·       Single Integrated System Model
This more advances where every region can connected each other and aligning with the updating of the software. There was centralized and standardized where to minimized need of the local.

Thus, the big company should concern with the technological architecture to choosing which one is appropriated to adapt with their environment of works.

Karen Beaman and Alfred J Walker, October 2000, Globalizing HRIS:The new Transnational Model