Rabu, 21 Disember 2011

Employee Learning and Development

Next, I would like to share with you about the topic of employee learning and development (ELD) systems. ELD system is important to employee and organization where both parties have a mission to derive toward achieving their target. Learning is the systematic process which provide an opportunity to learn KSA’s for current and future job.(Blanchard & Thacker) During a class beginning, Dr Nur was asked me question that why the ELD systems is important? I had taken much time to think that answer. Perhaps, I am seat at the back and not heard the question very well. Then, she seems disappointed because I answered that question very late.

Besides that, the ELD system have built up in a certain organization that to enhance KSA’s in the current jobs and to improved their employee performances. The company should diagnose their problem of employees that why their employee shown a low performance or cannot accomplished the task at on the times. Based on this system, it facilitated task of HR because the procedure to organize a training program able be conduct through online.

·       Identify employee information

Web based online &
ELD system
             and their performances .
·       Select courses




·       Transfer of training
·       Evaluate

Diagram at above indicated the foundation of training management used ELD systems.
            Based on the diagram, we can see function of ELD system on the procedure to conduct a training program. It required systems and internet to find information until to the evaluation process. This approach bring the changes in the organization and become a systematically.
After Dr Nur finish explained about this topic, she had given us 2 case studies. The case study used in the class to make an exercise and exposes to workshop Harvard Business Case Studies: Transformational of Otis.

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