Rabu, 21 Disember 2011

Introduction to Online Induction System

I would like to choose induction system for next post of my own blogs. This chapter are very unique and interesting to study because the conventionally induction was changed in term of the rapid of technologies. Normally, the induction session related to new employees where to ensure they will expose with the company policies, colleagues and top management and job description of their positions. Besides that, it also to make that employee must adapt with the norm or environment in the organizations. These will supported by Elena and Wolf (2010) that extends the action of introducing a new employee to the organization with the process of imparting the norms on how to behave in a way that is acceptable to the social group one becomes part of.
            Other than that, we have discussed about the advantages and disadvantages implement this system within the organizations. Maybe, I preferred to use the conventional induction because there are norm in my cultured. Example, new employees will be introduced with the colleagues and top management through a reality and face to face. There would break of ice in the organizations and creating a closed relationship among them. During the class, I was cheat chat with my friends about the effectiveness of these systems. I not was denying that it able to reduces the cost and save a time to conduct this sessions meanwhile to derive a person to increase a self-initiatives to learn.
            The class have been finished early, and then Dr. Nur was given some quizzes to test us. My mind at the afternoon seems unable to think and instead she also allowed us to using books to finding the answers. The attractive slides in this chapter give me inspiration to do my assignment which is designing medical health system. Thus, I really enjoyed attended that class.

Elena  And Wolf (2010),Staff Induction Practices And Organizational Socialization A Review And Extension Of The Debatesociety And Business Review Vol. 5 No. 1, 2010Pp. 22-47 

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