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I found that the information technology is not focus to the managerial system but these also useful to develop strategy on the business. Thereby, Broadbent & Weill (1993) referred to alignment of business and IT strategy as “the extent to which business strategies were enabled, supported and stimulated by information strategies. It also makes me concerned that how the strategic information technology (IT) enable be an advantages or opportunities to certain company have a competitive force with others. Example, Tesco is the hypermarkets from UK where they always give the cheaper prices toward the groceries and other stuff. Recently, Tesco also able compete with other hypermarkets in Malaysia such as Giant, Mydin or others. They were research about the advantages of local competitor through technologies.
                               WHICH ONE YOU LIKE GOES TO SHOPPING???
            They have strategies to compete with others to leading in the market through find competitive advantages. They should develop strategies and consider these forces such as rivalry competitors within the market to expand the business to the over state of Malaysia with make a promotion using the web site online, SMS or email to the customer. According to Gadiesh & Gilbert, (2001), IT will be used to facilitate electronic communication to support business processes and needs. These might help to distribution the information quickly. Tesco is the first hypermarket in Malaysia provide free member card to collecting rewards during shopping where this strategy to ensured maintain a loyal customer. Tesco was taken approaches differentiation strategy because their promotion allows the transaction online and provided the free member card to maintain a loyal customer.          
effective promotion to make customer concerned about your products
                            information system is important to organization                                 

Jovita &Graeme (2007), The Alignment Of Business And Information Technology Strategy In Australia, Australasian Journal Of Information Systems Volume 14 Number 2.

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