Jumaat, 14 Oktober 2011


Next, I have learned about globalising Human Resources Information System which consists of available programs in the global used of the company.  At the beginning, I felt difficult to differentiated models between multinational, global, international and transnational. There have a different terms and make me confused.  The activities in the class help me to understand about the term and examples that presented by our members. Besides that, we also shared the information and ideas during the discussion session. Every model has advantages and disadvantages but there should emphasize to deal with exploiting a particular strategic capability such as responsiveness, efficiencies or innovation. The right decision on practise the model might be the company adapt with the external forces.

I realized which the certain company have an own strategic needs to responsive with the local differentiation, integration or worldwide innovation. The Allianz Bulgaria using the centralized or global system because of competitive pressure and global regulatory. This is to ensure Allianz able to provide the faster services in operation and address the advantages with competitor. The centralising system enable Allianz Bulgaria reduces the cost and staff for front sales. Besides that, it will improve the flexibility and ranges of products and services.

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