Ahad, 9 Oktober 2011

What is HRIS (Human Resources Information System)

The changing of technology affects  to the world  includes a duty of Human Resources. HRIS is combination of information technology and Human Resources Management that which a system centralized on software,tools, broad networking to ensured the standard of company being effective and achieve the goals.

According to Asafo(2007), HRIS defines as a technology-based system used to acquire, store, manipulate, analyze, retrieve, and distribute related with information regarding organization human resources. The information enable make the HR department a have a standard and more efficient on managing or administration in various area of company.

            Previous posted, i shown the overview about HR activities. The activities include a transactional, traditional and transformational.  Transactional defines as routine activities such as bookkeeping task. Example, HR manager may collect up to date personnel data from the employees using the web system. Employees have a power to fill their data on the system such as changing address or apply for leave. 


When I was practical at Labour Offices, I found that staffs who want to apply the leave should be filling in HRMIS system.

               Next, Traditional is the activity focused on HR program such as selection, performance appraisal and etc. The system easy to HR accesses to identified the area need the manpower to accomplish the task or increase the productivity.The advertising of vacancy will be put on the website to reduces the cost such as company web pages,Job Streets and others,  Besides that, it also includes the promotion to increase the satisfaction of employees. The system will shown the accurate data on performances appraisal. Other that, reported about the performances appraisal able be analysed using the systems. Example, punch card machine has changes with the thumbs prints scanner where evaluation easy commits by HR to overcome discipline problems and increase the payroll system. 

                Transformational system refers to activities might add value to the company. The company will sent their employees to training where to increase the quality of work aligning with the reach of missions. Example, employees unable used the computer or lack of KSA about the technologies should be trained. They might be taught with the simulation and demonstration to ensure that will be transfer in real works.

Asafo-Adjei Agyenim Boateng(2007),The Role of Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) in Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM), Master of Science Theses in AccountingSwedish School Of Economics and Business Administration.